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Test-taking is our jam, but test-taking accommodations is a discussion for a different time. The ability to reinforce learning skills is one of the main reasons our customers re-subscribe to

Let’s look at the timeframe, are you comparing progress from one IEP meeting to another or for students in remedial classes or an athletics tutoring program? Define what you’ll monitor and how you’ll do it. Here are examples to get started.

Comprehension of a new concept:

Students can answer embedded questions 3 ways; (1) highlight and bookmark answers and extract them, (2) answer True/False or multiple-choice in a Bubble Note, (3) match words to their appropriate description. (Multiple options are part of that UDL magic.)

Improvement in comprehension:

Examine comprehension without reading supports by designating a passage as a silent zone and with reading supports in Kurzweil 3000. Ideally, both areas will improve.

Improved Notetaking skills:

Ask students to show their work by handing in extracted annotations into outlines or column notes. Are their highlights becoming more precise? Are they organizing notes better? Do they provide more depth, such as including supporting evidence?

Ability to process:

Ability to process: Have students hand in graphic organizers they either created using a Kurzweil 3000 template or perhaps one they created on their own.

Clearly articulate concepts:

Task students with giving a summarization either in a text note, in a template, or in a draft. Are they able to write with fewer errors, both with and without support features?

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